most advanced Arthroscopic Knee Ligament Surgery

ACL surgery with Fibertape internal bracing

This is the most advanced technology in knee arthroscopic surgery currently available. This ligament operation was earlier available in US and European countries, Now this ACL knee surgery is available in India


Restoration of knee ligament strength


Of function regained after 12weeks of knee ligament surgery


Reduction in post ACL surgery recovery time

Revolutionising Ligament repair

The InternalBrace™

The InternalBrace ACL reconstruction is the biggest leap forward in the treatment of ligament injuries and tendons in the last 30 years. This ACL injury surgery allows anybody from Recreational Walkers to Olympians to get back to sport and activity in a fraction of the time it takes to recover from conventional surgery. InternalBracing is designed to protect ligament repairs and reconstructions even for late presentations.

ACL Knee Surgery, previously available to Top Athletes in Europe & the US, is Now Available in Delhi and Gurgaon!

Our InternalBrace™ Technology is possibly the best thing that can happen to you. That's because it is a better option over other Traditional ACL surgical procedures.

Some of our Patients have actually run a Half-Marathon 3 months after our Treatment!

What are the advantages of Fibertape InternalBrace™

Knee bending 90 degrees 1st day after ACL surgery

Pin point holes in bone and minimal bone loss

Joint stability and balancing achieved early

Very high success rate after ACL repair

Strong and more stable graft

Hospital stay is less than 24 hours

Very minimal pain after ligament surgery

FiberTape protects the graft till it heals with bone

Knee bending 90 degrees 1st day

Only one hamstring graft is enough for ACL Surgery

Faster return to sports after ligament operation

Least chances of Graft loosening

Meet Our Senior Ligament Surgeon and ACL Expert

Dr. Nagendra Prasad

MBBS, D- Ortho, DNB Ortho

Ex Registrar, Regional Spine Injury Centre, Jabalpur

Ex Assistant Professor, NC Medical College, Israna, Panipat

Ex Sports Injury Consultant, Ayushmanbhav Health Institute, Panipat

Currently working in sports medicine department, Artemis Hospital, Gurugram

Sports injury consultant, Medhaurbour, Sector 51, Gurugram

Sports injury surgeon, Aastha Hospital, Hisar

Dr. Nagendra Prasad

MBBS, D- Ortho, DNB Ortho

Our Success Stories

How do I know if I need surgery for my ACL tear?

While most patients recover through our first line of treatment, which is Physical Therapy and medicines, it primarily depends on the extent of the injury.

An ACL injury can be classified into three categories

Grade 1

When your ACL is sprained but not torn. Your knee is still stable, you will not need surgery. Consult a top ACL surgeon near you, he will help you to recover.

Grade 2

When your ACL is partially torn and the knee is slightly unstable. However, such tears are not common.

Grade 3

When your ACL is completely torn and knee is unstable. This is when you need to look for best ACL surgeon near you and need to undergo an ACL surgery.

Why Patients Trust Internalbrace™ Technique


Restoration of knee ligament strength


Of knee function regained after 12 weeks


Reduction in post-op recovery time

**Reference: MacKay Clinic, UK

About The Cruciates

The Cruciates, the best arthroscopic platform in India focuses on providing the highest level of patient care with professional expertise. Our experts are trained in arthroscopic surgeries of knee, shoulder, ankle, all kinds of joint replacements ( hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow) and Sports medicine.. Our highly experienced orthopaedic team practices all ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL reconstruction with fiber tape internal bracing. We are providing services in Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Ghaziabab and other parts of India.

We use the most highly advanced and latest technology in arthroscopic surgery that ensures instant recovery and mobility of the patient very after the surgery as compared to conventional technique that is painful and results in slow recovery. Our ACL experts and Ligament surgeons have been trained in the best of the institutes and have commendable expertise in all complex surgeries. Our team of Best ACL surgeons and anaesthesiologists work together hand in hand to ensure the best in orthopaedic surgical care.

A well trained team of physiotherapists and the latest equipment ensure that you are quickly back to your routine. The Cruciates has a patient centered approach to surgery, post-surgical care, pain management and recovery. We went ahead with this idea in our minds to help the sports persons to get timely treatment in our own country.

We began with giving free consultations to our patients through video calls. And we look forward to conducting 5- 10 surgeries every month, free of cost, for the needy in future. I want to make sure that no athlete has to quit and sit back only because he lacks the resources and medical expertise to take care of his injuries and physique. We have grown into a team of eight specialists. As more people are joining in, we plan to make “The Cruciates”, a self-sufficient organization fully equipped, with state of the art facilities.